PHG Workshops 2016 - 2017

 A few times each year, PHG brings talented, well-known weavers to Portland to conduct workshops for members. Here's our schedule for 2016-2017.


October 14 - 16, 2016

Tom Knisely

Weft-faced Twill / Boundweave


PLEASE NOTE: As of September 10th, this workshop is full.  Any registrations received after this date will be put on a waiting list. 

This style of weaving has, in the past, also been known as a Saddle Blanket weave.  Widely sett warps allow the weft materials to slide down and cover the warp creating a firm and thick textile that is perfect for rugs, placemats, table runners and, of course, saddle blankets.  There are numerous ways to treadle this weave.  We will weave a sampler using five or six commonly known ways to treadle Boundweave so that you have a clear understanding of how this weave works.  We will start by weaving with just two colors and then gradually move to designs using three and four colors creating patterns that are bold and colorful with a feel of the South West.

If time permits and students are interested we can explore the Scandinavian technique known as Krokbragd on the same warp.


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October 21 - 22, 2016

Jette Vandermeiden

DRAFTING, DESIGN AND STRUCTURE   (This is a non-loom workshop) 

 BIOGRAPHY: Jette has been creating textiles since early childhood.  Studying weaving, embroidery, knitting and bobbin lace at college led her to find her strength in weave theory, structure and design of cloth.  With her extensive knowledge of fibre related topics, Jette has been a consultant to museums, documentary researchers, and developers of weaving curriculum for college fibre arts programs.  A prolific writer and teacher, Jette has conducted classes and workshops across Canada, USA and England and is a regular columnist for FIBRE FOCUS. She weaves damask and Scandinavian weaves on her drawlooms, and volunteers at several museums, consulting on the Jacquard loom.  Her goal is to share weaving skills so this ancient craft will continue to enrich our lives.  Her website


For the new beginner in drafting or as an excellent review in drafting knowledge.

Drafting Basics - Learn to read a draft easily and accurately. Discover how to draft a design using weaves suitable for your project. Analyze drafts quickly for recognizable threading units, which can be used to draft your own design.  Learn about designing tie-ups.
Colour and weave - Working with one draft, learn how colour and design patterns arise, how to design them and how to alter them.
Weave Structures - A discussion of different weave structures, how to recognize them, draft for them and alter them.  Emphasis on understanding the tieup.
Profile Drafting - Learn about profile drafts and discover how to plug in different weave units for a variety of results.        
Have fun manipulating parts of the draft to create balance, borders and special design areas so your draft looks perfectly balanced when woven.  


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October 23, 2016

Jette Vandermeiden

BLENDED DRAFTS  (This is a non-loom workshop, basic drafting skills required)
Imagine taking two different pattern drafts, such as overshot and Bronson Lace, combining them into one draft and weaving both on one threading on an 8 shaft loom.  Learn to add several weave structures together into one draft, and then weave them separately or in combination for interesting fabrics. The morning session will cover the theory of blended drafts.  The afternoon session will be a hands-on workshop where participants will design their own blended draft, using the skills presented in the morning class.


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NOTE:  Registration form due October 3.This workshop is likely to fill, so please register ASAP.

November 11, 12, & 13, 2016

Inge Dam’s Workshop:  Tablet Band Incorporated into Fabric: make a unique fabric

Through my studies of Iron Age textiles I became fascinated with combining tablet weaving with loom weaving. In this workshop the participants will learn how to add a tablet band into a piece of fabric. A simple tablet weaving technique, the threaded-in technique, will be taught. A tablet warp will be made and the participants will be taught how to arrange the tablet warp within the fabric warp that has been wound on the loom ahead of time. Participants will learn how two warps can be woven together using only one shuttle and how to avoid tension problems between the two warps, Additionally, participants will learn how to accommodate the difference in take up of the two weaves. A small piece of fabric will be woven and it can be used for a small bag or a table runner.   Check out Inge’s website for lots of beautiful pictures!

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March 10 - 12, 2017

Jannie Taylor

WeavePoint for Echo and Iris


Jannie Taylor will be in Portland to give a three day workshop on "WeavePoint for Echo and Iris". The workshop will focus on using the tools found in WeavePoint software to design weaving drafts based on design concepts found in Marian Stubenitsky’s book Weaving with Echo & Iris. It will include echo threadings, network designs, turned Samitum and Taqueté, use of color, multi-structure liftplans and more. Participants will not be weaving on looms, but should bring a laptop running a current version of Weavepoint. Using tools found in WeavePoint to assist in the design process will be emphasized.

The workshop will be given at Ruthie's Weaving Studio, in southeast Portland and will be held on March 10, 11, and 12. Class size will be held to 10 participants and the cost is expected to be about $200. There is a $35 workbook fee that includes a USB stick with drafts used in the workshop, and the use of a fully functioning (for 20 days) copy of WeavePoint for people who don't have it.

If you are interested in attending please email either Jerry Swick, or Melody Ruth

May 13-14, 2017

Laverne Waddington

Finishing Touches in the Andean Way Workshop

This workshop will include the crossed warp tubular band known as nawi awapa (God’s eye) which is simultaneously woven and sewn to the edges of Andean cloths and bags. It is also used separately as a decorative cord. The class will include other tubular edges, stitched edges, braids, and pompoms. 


Laverne will supply all yarn and weaving tools plus cloth woven with handspun yarn by weavers of the Bolivian highlands to finish into a delightful little bag called a chuspa (coca leaf bag)      Check out Laverne's blog


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Workshops coming in 2017-2018

Detailed information will be posted on this website as it becomes available so check back often.


Save the dates

Joanne Hall will be presenting her “Swedish Art Weaves” workshop this fall, on the second weekend of November 2017. There is an article in the latest Handwoven with beautiful pictures of the work.

Robyn Spady is confirmed for May 10-13, 2018, for her workshop, "Extreme Warp Makeover”. This is an amazing class and you come away with a great notebook.