Gathering of the Guilds

April 27, 28, 29 2018

PHG Sale Volunteer Opportunities 


The Gathering of the Guilds sale requires a great deal of volunteer help during the sale itself. This includes work within the PHG sales area, fiber arts demonstrations, and responsibilities shared with other participating guilds.


PHG strongly encourages all members to help at the sale, which is our biggest outreach opportunity of the year. It's a great way to meet more guild members and to share our enthusiasm of fiber arts with people attending the sale.


Each participating artist is required to provide four hours of volunteer time, which can include demonstrating. The artist can do the work or can provide a surrogate who is at least 16 years old. A surrogate should provide their own name as well as the name of the artist for whom they are working.


Volunteer duties are described below. Margaret Zeps will schedule volunteers, including demonstrators. You will be available to sign up at all day and evening PHG meetings until the sale and online at SignUp Genius Contact Leanne Streit for help with SignUp Genius Address any questions about schedule requests to Margaret at 503-638-5430 or


Job Descriptions




Who: Three volunteers at a time

Where: Entrances to and exits from PHG sales area, with a specific position for each volunteer

What: Some positions will include a stool, some will not. Duties include:

  • Greet the public as they enter our sales area; the greeter at the front should be very familiar with PHG and the sale
  • Give directions to restrooms, sales areas for other guilds, and specific fiber arts vendors
  • Watch that no unpaid items are taken out of the PHG sales area

Time: 1-hour time slots



Floor Assistant


Who: One volunteer at a time

Where: Throughout the PHG sales area

What: Floor assistants will stand most of the time. Duties include:

  • Move through the sales area
  • Provide artists with short breaks
  • Answer questions from the public

Time: 1-hour time slots



Fiber Arts Demonstrations


Who: Three to four volunteers at a time; beginners are welcome!

Where: The large foyer outside the Gathering of the Guilds exhibit hall

What: Sit in provided chairs; tables are also available. Duties include:

  • Demonstrate a fiber arts technique using the guild's equipment and supplies which will be set up ahead of time:
  • 4-shaft Baby Wolf loom, with instructions available
  • Rigid heddle loom
  • Inkle loom
  • Braiding/Kumihimo
  • Triangle loom (if there's enough interest)
  • Demonstrate a fiber arts technique using your own equipment and supplies:
  • Spinning
  • Weaving on rigid heddle, inkle, or tapestry loom
  • Braiding
  • Needle felting
  • Other: let Margaret Zeps know what you plan to do
  • If you're comfortable with it, let interested people try the technique
  • Answer questions about Portland Handweavers Guild

Time: 2-hour time slots



Demonstration Equipment Preparation


Who: One or more volunteers

Where: Your choice

What: Duties include:

  • Retrieve the equipment from the PHG closet; coordinate access to the closet with Ladella Williams
  • Select reasonably-priced materials for the warp and weft, for which PHG will reimburse you
  • Prepare the loom; for the Baby Wolf:
  • Use a warp of at least five yards to last through three days of demonstrations
  • Warping tools are available
  • Write up the draft and suggested treadlings
  • Inkle loom
  • Rigid heddle loom
  • Marudai


  • Either return the equipment to the PHG closet by Wednesday, April 25 or deliver it to the sale on the morning of Friday, April 27

Time: Varies



Demo Area Set-up and Take-Down


Who: Two able-bodied volunteers

Where: The demo and sales areas

What: As directed by Ladella Williams or Margaret Zeps, duties include:

  • Before the sale opens each day, move demo equipment and supplies from the storage area to the demo area and set it up; move chairs to be used by demonstrators and observers
  • At the end of the sale each day, move demo equipment and supplies from the demo area to the storage area for the night
  • Help John Beard load in and set up each day. Help John load out on Sunday.

Time: 30-minute time slots



Props Transport


Who: At least two strong people with a van or truck

Where: Multnomah Arts Center and Oregon Convention Center

What: Pick up and transport props needed for demonstrations and for common areas of the sale. Duties include:

  • Retrieve items from the PHG closet at MAC. Ladella Williams will provide access to the closet and will have a list of what needs to go to the sale. This includes the guild's Baby Wolf loom, which has wheels, a small loom bench with supplies, the guild banner, and several boxes of supplies.
  • Unload the items at the OCC loading dock and move them to the PHG sales area. Some setup help might be required.
  • Load the same items immediately after the end of the sale
  • Transport the items to the PHG closet at MAC either immediately after the sale or a day or two later, as agreed with Ladella.

Time: A few hours a day or two before the sale and immediately after the sale.



Take-Down Assistants


Who: Two to four able-bodied volunteers

Where: Sales areas at Oregon Convention Center

What: At the end of the sale on Sunday, be available to help with whatever needs doing, including:

  • Help artists break down their booths
  • Locate available carts for artists who need them
  • Help artists move materials from carts to their vehicles

Time: 1 to 2 hours



GOTG Gallery


Who: Two volunteers at a time during specific hours assigned to PHG

Where: The lobby of the exhibit hall

What: Stand. Duties include:

  • Tell interested customers how they can purchase specific items and that more work by the artists can be seen in the show
  • Answer questions about the Gathering of the Guilds

Time: 1-hour time slots



GOTG Door Prize


Who: One or two volunteers at a time during specific hours assigned to PHG

Where The lobby of the exhibit hall

What: Sit at the door prize table. Duties include:

  • Explain the door prize procedure to members of the public and encourage them to fill out tickets.
  • Learn about the prizes and explain them to people who ask.
  • Answer questions about the sale in general.

Time: 1-hour time slots



GOTG Door Counters


Who: Two volunteers at a time during specific hours assigned to PHG

Where: The doorway of the exhibit hall containing the sale.

What: Sit at one side of the doorway. Duties include:

  • Click a counter each time someone walks through the doorway. One person will count people going in and the other will count people going out.
  • Pay attention! These jobs are required so the fire marshal can determine at any time how many people are currently in the exhibit hall.

Time: 1-hour time slots


Download all descriptions as a PDF: