Programs 2017-2018

After hearing your feedback, the format for this year’s programs will change. We will begin with a welcome, any PHG business, show-and-tell, break, and then proceed with program content. A white board and the info table are available for announcements and there will be time at the very end of the meeting for any last-minute issues.

If you need to provide an announcement to the group, please use the white board or be prepared at the end of the meeting.

The Day Program will remain in Room 7 at MAC. We tried to find a better room but nothing was available that met our needs. The Evening Program will be in the Auditorium in September, December, February, and June; it will be in Room 7 for the remaining months. We hope that this change will help address the concerns that the auditorium lighting, audio, and overwhelming size are a serious distraction, and we will try to make sure the library access is still good.  

Also in response to your suggestions, we are trying to use more local talent, and to have more “hands-on” and sharing. See the lineup below.

November 9, 2017

Joanne Hall (Swedish Art Weaves; day and eve programs and workshop)

Joanne is a weaver, teacher and author with a Masters Degree in Textile Design from the University of Minnesota. After teaching at the University of Montana (Missoula) and California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo), Joanne started the Elkhorn Mountains Weaving Studio in Montana City, Montana, where she weaves tapestries and teaches weaving classes for beginners and for different types of weaving, including drawloom weaving. She also teaches at art centers, weaving shops, guilds, festivals and conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada.

December 14, 2017

Mini-Workshops for both day and evening programs

There will be two options for the Day program mini-workshops. Debbie Ellis will be leading the origami lights workshop. Many day program attendees have already signed up; the materials fee for the lights and paper will be $10. Please contact Debbie ASAP if you haven’t signed up yet, so that she can have enough materials. The other option will be to make your own nametag of handmade materials. The day meeting will be in Room 7 as usual. 


The Evening program will move to the Auditorium. There will be a few mini-workshop options for the evening program.   
Diane McKinnon will offer her Let’s Get Warped class on basic, simple warping techniques.
Jane Read will lead a session for beginning weavers in how to start a weaving project.
Cooki Messmer will show folks how to weave an inkle band. Please bring your inkle loom. Otherwise, we’ll have 3-4 inkle looms available if you don’t have one.
There will be a quick demonstration of two different ways to repair a broken warp thread – one warp-wise and one weft-wise.
We will have a couple laptops set up with Fiberworks for those wishing a tutorial in the most commonly used weaving program available. Finally, we will have a Dear Tabby table. Bring your questions, problems and dilemmas for Tabby to answer or help you decide what to do.


Mini-workshops will be first-come, first-served, and signup sheets will be at tables. If anyone is still interested in doing a quick demonstration, or if you’d like to help staff the Dear Tabby table in the evening session, please contact Sue Walsh, email or call503-251-5891 so we can make arrangements.


Guatemalan Weaving Sale at the December PHG Evening Meeting
Margaret Zeps and Mary McCormick will be selling Guatemalan woven items and baskets at the December Guild evening meeting from the Fair Trade cooperatives Mayan Hands and UPAVIM. Mayan Hands is a cooperative which produces high quality woven textiles from 200 weavers in eleven communities in the mountains of Guatemala. UPAVIM works with women in the poorest areas of Guatemala City.

By selling their weavings though these cooperatives the women are provided with fair, regular income for their weaving which in turn feeds their families, provides schooling for their children, medical care and raises the families out of poverty, empowering them with hope for the future.
There are programs providing workshops for the weavers in health care, use of medicinal herbs, family planning and business skills such as using saving accounts. There are also classes in new textile skills including pine needle basketry, use of the sewing machine, and use of ergonomic weaving stools and classes in leadership and gender such as conflict resolution and self esteem.
The women repeatedly express gratitude for this opportunity for their own education. This is an opportunity to purchase beautifully woven purses, place mats, runners, scarves and much more while supporting our sister weavers. We can accept cash or checks only.  Contact Margaret Zeps for more information, 503-638-5430


January 11, 2018

Betty Davenport (Rigid Heddle; day and eve programs)

PHG member and author Betty Davenport will talk about her journey with a rigid heddle loom. She will show a slide presentation of that journey and all the places it has led her. She will explain how the hole and slot heddle can be so versatile, and will bring her scrap book that shows all the projects she has done since 1980, as well as some examples.

February 8, 2018

Day Meeting: Panel Discussion - Using Handspun
Wistfully looking at a lovely basket of handspun yarns with no idea what to do with them? At the day program, we’ll have a panel discussion on using handspun, especially for weaving. The panel will include Liz Palmer and Debbie Ellis. Please bring items you’ve woven, knitted, or felted from handspun; handspun yarns you aren’t sure what to do with; and questions, comments, concerns, and ideas to share with others. Be ready to go home feeling more confident using handspun.

Evening Meeting: Member Weft-Over Sale
For the evening, we have scheduled a member weft-over sale (trades are OK, too) in the Auditorium.  Also, a mentor will be on site for questions/help – look for the wizard hat. We’ll have a very short program followed immediately by the sale. Full tables are $10; half-tables are $5. Participants will be responsible for pricing, money handling, and trading terms and conditions. This is a great opportunity to right-size your stash, or to trade with another weaver for different materials. PHG will collect only table fees. Please contact Sue Walsh so we know how many tables to set up.

March 8, 2018

Laura Thode - Fingerloop braiding and Prehistoric Southwestern textiles

The dry conditions and sheltered locations of many archaeological sites in the deserts of the southwestern United States have preserved an intriguing array of textiles made in a range of structures both simple and complex, including twining, interlinking, plain weave, twill and tapestry.

Surviving examples include quivers, nets, garments, blankets, tumplines and bags, as well as many fragments. The variety of surviving fiber materials—including fur and feathers, bast fibers and cotton—attests to the ingenuity of the prehistoric southwestern people as well as their intimate knowledge of their environment. This presentation will share some of these fascinating textiles, discussing fibers, evidence for dyes, techniques and design principles.

April 12, 2018 

Marilyn Anderson

Guatemalan Textiles
Marilyn will be speaking about her passion, Guatemalan Textiles. She is the author of several publications on Guatemalan Textiles and has just published a new book on the subject. As she will be traveling by air with little space, she’s able to bring only a few smaller pieces. If you have any Guatemalan textiles, please do bring them to share.

You can read more about Marilyn on her website.


The Weaving Games – Design Game and Color/Texture vs. Structure program will be rescheduled.

May 10, 2018

Robyn Spady

Please note that we have FOUR programs available to us on this day. Room 7 is a bit tight, but we have very few options.
Program offerings include:

Taming of the Hue - Day meeting 10 am - 12 pm


Fundamentals of Deciphering a Drawdown
Fabric from the Inside Out

Afternoon - 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
(Times are approximate.)

Devil's in the Detail - Evening meeting 7 pm - 9 pm

June 14, 2018

Strawberry Social and Annual Business Meeting

Annual strawberry shortcake banquet, approval of 2018-19 budget and spending plan, raffle, socializing, library and election of 2018-19 officers.

SHOW US YOUR COLORFUL WONDERS! Bring what you’ve done over the past year in COLOR! for our year-end show-and-tell!



Thursday, August 9, 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Multnomah Arts Center, Room 7


NEW! - PHG Summer Program
Come to an informal meeting to catch up with other members after the events of summer at Convergence and Complex Weavers. Show and share what you have learned, or have been working on, or what you have planned for the coming year.

Sylvia's Oaxaca trip

Vancouver Conference booth 2017

Sylvia's Oaxaca trip

Sylvia's Oaxaca trip

Laura Thode

Betty and Linda

Laverne Waddington

Marilyn Anderson