Guild Member News

Membership News

As described previously, PHG’s dues are $45 for individuals and $70 for family memberships, effective March 1, 2018.  Life and student memberships will remain unchanged. Memberships can be paid by cash or check as usual.New membership forms are available here.
Additionally, you can now pay your PHG dues using PayPal! Click here to learn more.


A complete member roster is available in pdf format on the Members Only page of the PHG website. Members who joined or renewed after printing are listed on the Members Only page in a Corrections and Additions document, which can be printed out at will. Also, all PHG members are being added to the PHG Google group as they join or renew, if they were not already in the group. This is a way to quickly connect with fellow members about events, equipment for sale and other topics of interest to weavers. If you need to be added to the Google Group please email Amy


New Member Tea

The annual New Member Tea is scheduled for 1-3 pm on Sunday, October 14 at the home of Dan Steves, 2814 NE Schuyler, Portland OR. New members can learn about the guild, meet Board members, and share tea and snacks. Please RSVP to Dan Steves if you will be attending.


Friendly Reminder: Renew Your PHG Membership

Please renew your membership, if you have not already done so. Don't risk losing out on all the great PHG member benefits: Workshops, programs, newsletter, study groups, lending library, equipment rentals, twice-yearly sales and more! Please click here for more information; you can now renew online and pay by credit card if you wish. Easy!



2018-2019 Meeting Schedule (Rooms Vary)

Day Meetings: September - May, Room 7.
No day meeting in June. Instead there is the combined evening meeting with the strawberry social and new board elections.

Evening Meetings: September, January, February, May - Room 7
                                 October, November, December, March, April, June - Auditorium
Evening meetings are subject to change due to the construction work being done at MAC.

Board Meetings: September - October, December - May - Room 4


Call for Rigid Heddle Weaving Instructors


ANWG Grant recipient Debbie Ellis is seeking the assistance of people who would be willing to teach basic rigid heddle weaving classes to people who have never woven before.


Debbie's Banner Project, launched at the Gathering of the Guilds last April, has been extraordinarily successful. Over 500 people have contributed to this public weaving project, and most of them have expressed the desire to attend some sort of simple Rigid Heddle weaving class, should one become available.

Planning of these classes will commence in the future, after Debbie has submitted her report to ANWG, from whom she received the grant for this project, and after she submits articles for possible publication to various magazines and online outlets.

At this point the plan is to develop a series of inexpensive worships, limited to one or two days. A resource list of instructors, books, additional classes and online learning will be provided to students for their further studies.

Debbie says, "It's exciting and humbling to realize that so many people have been energized by this project and wish to learn more!"

Please contact Debbie directly at, if you would be willing to lend your teaching expertise to this program


PHG Volunteer Opportunities

Meet other members, make new friends, learn more about the guild and make a difference by volunteering for one of these opportunities:

  • Workshop Chair
  • Program Director
  • Director of Outreach

Please contact Dan Steves or Sue Walsh if you are interested in any of these positions.

  • Also needed is a volunteer to print and mail the newsletter to a small number of members who are unable to receive the newsletter by email. Supplies and postage are reimbursable by the Guild.

Please contact Sylvia Emard if you are able to help out with the newsletter.
Thanks in advance!


2019 OFFF Educational Exhibit

Thank you to everyone who submitted items for the 2018 OFFF display by PHG. This is one way to put forward to the public what we do and to promote our craft, art and skills.

A heads up for 2019 OFFF - PHG has again been invited to present a display! The featured craft is spinning, and the featured design is diamonds. So any weaving or projects you do can include spun yarn and a design in diamonds. Yes, even a craft such as Kumihimo can be braided with a diamond motif. Woven designs can include twill diamonds! You be the designer and when the call comes for items next September, 2019, please let Ladella Williams know.


Theme of the Year

PHG's theme of the Year ties into the theme for the 2019 ANWG Conference in Prince George, BC. Their theme is Confluences, meaning combining media such as yarn spun by one person (or oneself) and weaving with the yarn. Another confluence, or coming together, is dyeing the yarn and weaving with it. Or maybe even weaving and then dyeing - it is your choice.

Portland Handweavers Guild members will focus on Collaboration of Creativity, where we can collaborate with others in our Guild to spin or dye the yarn for us, or do so ourselves and then weave with it in any medium, as simple as plain weave or as intricate as a blended draft. We will have lots of choices as well as a chance to collaborate and meet with other guild members.

A list of options will be put up at Guild meetings for those who do want to collaborate with others. Another possibility is to ask your friends whom they would recommend. Or combine two or more options yourself.
Questions? Ask or text 503-729-1704. Happy designing your project. Plan to share the information at our June end of the year meeting!



Study and Interest Groups
Several members have asked about Study or Interest Groups as a way to have a small group experience in addition to the monthly program. These smaller groups can be focused on a weave structure (Bateman, Plain Weave), a purpose (utilitarian textiles, clothing), a technique (shibori, tapestry, finishing techniques), equipment (rigid heddle; computer-aided dobby), or just a group of folks who like to get together to share their love of textiles without traveling very far in crazy Portland area traffic (e.g., the Hillsboro Weavers & Spinners; Fairview Fiber Folks).  
All you need is a reason to get together and a plan. Leadership can be one person, or members can take turns leading. Meetings can be in person, via email, or a combination – whatever works for the group. PHG is available as a resource to help you get started. If you are interested in getting a study or interest group going, contact Sue Walsh at 503-251-5891



North of the Columbia Weaving Study Group

Sue Kohut facilitates this study group that is an offshoot of the guild, approved a couple of years ago. They meet the 3rd Saturday of every month at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber, a local yarn and fiber shop in Vancouver, WA. About 9-10 people typically attend; click here for more info.



Handweavers Guild of America

As the Oregon Representative for Handweavers Guild of America (HGA) Margaret Zeps would like to encourage you to also become a member of HGA. HGA is our national weaving organization whose mission is to educate, support and inspire the fiber arts community. Many of us think of Convergence, the biennial international conference, when we think of HGA. 

Benefits of HGA membership:

  • receive the quarterly Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot magazine

  • guided study opportunities

  • grants to study or take workshops

  • fiber resources such as textile kits and multimedia rentals

  • travel excursions and eligibility for Small Expressions exhibit and the HGA Award are given to more than 30 deserving artists each year

Please go to the HGA website, for more information, or contact Margaret Zeps


ANWG Annual General Meeting Report
The recent ANWG annual general meeting, held on May 19 in Portland, Oregon was awesome! Lead by President Linda Gettmann, many details were covered. Especially of note is that Deb Ellis' rigid heddle banner proposal for one of the Challenge Grants was accepted! (Please see Congratulations to Deb above.) Contact Deb if you would like to help with this outreach project.

Show and share of items brought by the various Guild Reps is always a feature of this meeting. The information on the winners of the Best categories, such as Color, Weave, Inspiration, will be posted on the website and in their newsletter. PHG Representative Ladella Williams also requested information about the specific entries that were chosen by the reps in the various categories. From each of the reps, we heard the "story" behind the projects - fun, interesting and inspiring!


ANWG 2021 Conference Name Tags

The Weaving Guilds of Oregon (WeGO) is the host for the 2021 Association of Northwest Weaving Guilds, to be held in June 2021 at Willamette University in Salem. All Oregon weaving guilds are supporting the conference, and PHG's contribution is weaving the name tags. A loom has been dedicated to weaving name tags at Ruthie's Weaving Studio, 3131 SE 50th Avenue, Portland OR.
There are complete instructions for weaving, a lovely warp, and all weaving threads. All are invited to weave. Ruthie's business hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Please call Ruthie's at (503) 232-7328 to make sure the loom is open/ready; we may need to tie on a new warp as warps are woven off. If you are interested in getting a warp and weft materials to weave a few at home, that's do-able, too! For more info, contact Sue Walsh, (503) 251-5891.


Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds (ANWG) Newsletter is Now Online
The Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds (ANWG) is an association of fiber arts guilds located within the Pacific Northwest United States and Western Canada.  ANWG provides services and support to its Member Guilds with the idea that combining resources and providing an economy of scale, services can be provided that would not be possible for the individual guilds to provide on their own. Click here to read the Winter 2018 Newsletter. 


Textile Hive in Portland, OR
Textile Hive, based in Portland OR, is home to the 40,000 textiles of the Andrea Aranow Textile Design Collection. The collection is the largest fully digitized independent textile collection in the world. Through its membership program the visual database offers access to educational institutions, design professionals and textile enthusiasts. Textile Hive’s mission is to preserve and enable greater access to the rich history, intricate techniques, and stunning visual beauty of the textile collection through immersive physical and digital experiences. Click here to learn more, or sign up for a tour..


Rental Equipment
Remember PHG has equipment we rent to members. We have a variety of weaving and spinning items for a pretty great price - most items rent for $20 per month. Rent equipment in June and keep it for 3 months! Equipment not scheduled for use in a class or workshop on a short-term basis is available. Most things rent for one month with an option to rent for one additional month. This includes table looms, rigid heddle frame looms, spinning wheels, and other equipment. Download our Rental Equipment Catalog or view the list in the current member directory.

Contact Ladella Williams  for more info.

Fiber Events

Weaving Guilds of Oregon 2018 Traveling Show Update

The WeGO Traveling Show, Color Gone Wild, was a great success at Marylhurst. The show now moves on to its next destinations, Roseburg, then to Baker City and its final stop in Salem ending September 27, 2018. Click here for more info.


From Fiber to Fabric:   Follow the Thread

June 20 - September 15th, 2018

The current exhibit at the Hood River History Museum explores the history of textiles and focuses on the local textile arts community.

The exhibit features many items from the museum’s collection as well as contemporary works by fiber artists in the Gorge including some PHG members. One entire wall tells the story of weaving in the US, its resurgence in the Gorge, and the creation of the two weaving guilds in the area.

The museum is located at 300 E. Port Marina Drive (I-84 exit #64, go north as if crossing to Washington and take last left before bridge) and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm.  Admission is $5.  Website


September 23 OFFF Educational Exhibit - Volunteers Needed

PHG will again present an exhibit at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival to educate the public about what we do. Examples for the theme this year are handwoven felted items. Handwoven items with differential shrinkage will be wonderful examples. Hand knit, or crocheted and felted items also go well with their theme, and other types of felted items as well, for example Nuno felted, etc. Let Ladella Williams know via email, or text Ladella at 503-729-1704. Not sure if your item fits the theme? Bring it anyway and we will decide at the September meeting. Bring it to either the Daytime or Evening PHG meeting tagged with your name and contact e-mail. Items will be returned at the October PHG meetings.

Your help and assistance in setting up the display will be greatly appreciated. Details can be shared if you are interested in learning something new. Text Ladella at 503-729-1704. Setup will be Friday afternoon, September 21; takedown Sunday, September 23 after 4pm.


Oregon State Fair
August 24-September 3, 2018  Salem, OR

see website for more


Oregon Linen Primer August 30

This event is free and and seats are limited. Please RSVP to ensure your spot.


Textile Society of America 2018 Symposium
September 19-23, 2018
Vancouver BC, Canada

find more information here
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival
Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Canby, OR
September 22-23, 2018

find more information here

PHG will do an educational exhibit again. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Ladella
Fiber Fusion Northwest
October 20-21, 2018
Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA

find more information here


The Felting Affaire @PDX
October 20-23, 2018
University Place Hotel and Conference Center, Portland, OR
The Felting Source is delighted to announce its inaugural Pacific Northwest felting workshop! What could be more fun than spending four awesome days with three instructors, six classes and 60 other felters? Marjolaine, Arsenault, Diane Caswell Christian, and Emilia Ponomarev will each teach two classes during the 4-day event. They will share their expertise, skills, and special felting techniques with you as you create projects from seamless garments to accessories to landscapes. Registration information.
Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival
October 26-28, 2018
The Dalles, OR

find more information here
Fiber Mania
October 27-29, 2018
Grants Pass, OR

find more information here


ANWG Conference: Confluences: 2019 Northwest Weavers Conference
June 11-16, 2019  Prince George, B.C., Canada
The Prince George Fibre Arts Guild invites you to join them for the 2019 Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds Conference, June 11 to 16, 2019. Check out for details, location and info about the workshop instructors and keynote speaker. Many of the instructors are Canadian, and a few are from the US. Click here for a brochure containing info on travel, sightseeing, dining and lodging options in Prince George.

The theme is Confluences - the explanation is given on the website. Look it up on your own! The conference is a wonderful way to connect with your fellow weavers. More information later, Ladella Williams as your PHG ANWG Rep.
Keynote Speaker: Abby Franquemont, author of 'Respect the Spindle' and vast knowledge of Peruvian textiles.


ANWG 2021 Conference Planning
July 11-14, 2021, Willamette University, Salem, OR
Planning and pre-conference work activities are underway for the 2021 Conference of the Association of Northwest Weaving Guilds, to be held at Willamette University in Salem over July 11-14, 2021. The host organization is the Weaving Guilds of Oregon (WeGO), with each member guild helping with various aspects of the conference. Co-leads are Portland Handweavers Guild members Linda Gettmann of Bend and Sue Walsh of Portland.
PHG’s guild contribution will be creating the nametags, with production beginning this summer. A table will be set up at the June meeting with samples and for Q&A on how and where to weave if you don’t have an 8H loom or just want to weave one or two, or how to get a warp if you want to weave several at home. By starting early, we’ll have plenty of time to do a great job, have fun, and let everyone get involved. If you are interested in helping weave and/or assemble nametags, contact Sue Walsh

Call for Entries

Vancouver Conference booth 2017

Vancouver Conference booth 2017

Vancouver Conference ribbons 2017

shibori samples

Phoebe McAffee

PHG Retreat

Guild Show at MAC

Janis Johnson

Linda Hendrickson table weaving

Theresa Ruch

Francisco Bautista