Library News - November 2017
Rosalie Nielson has graciously provided the guild with three extra copies of the first volume of her Exaltation of Blocks. Two of these copies will be kept in the closet and will be available for study group use. Please contact Robin or Nora to access them.

September saw the addition of nine DVDs and fifteen books to the collection on subjects from rigid heddle weaving to color to block theory. Of those fifteen, nine were books from the dispersal of the HGA’s library. As they were available on a first come basis, I was thrilled to get any and managed to fill in a couple of holes in our collection.

For those who were wondering how Ladella made her tri-axial ribbon art work displayed at the guild show in June, one of the books from HGA on basketry, The Mad Weave Book, by Shereen LaPlantz can get you started. For a complete list of the new (and not so new) items, see the PHG library catalog.



The PHG Library

Welcome to the PHG library, a wealth of knowledge to use on your weaving path. Take side trips into basketry, spinning, dyeing and surface design, or sewing. Travel the globe through world textiles. Take a trip through history with Native American weaving. Learn to make your own trims using a Simple Loom such as an inkle loom or Braiding techniques like kumihimo.


The library has a collection of over 850 books and 18 periodicals. Many items are out of print. We are always adding to the collection. New formats include DVDs and e-books on CD. We have Handwoven magazine both in print and, for the recent decade, on CD. We have been expanding our DVD collection and continue to retain our VHS collection. We have a number of Interweave's e-books for both weaving and spinning on CD. The earlier weaving e-books are also available in print. There are many notebooks of samples from study groups


The library is divided into 25 sections to make finding your item easier. New sections have been added and older ones expanded. Tablet weaving is now Simple Looms to also include inkle and rigid heddle looms. If you are new to weaving or want to know how to use a paddle, head to the Warping section to get started. The new Structures section has materials specific to particular structures such as rep or lace weaves. Videos are shelved along side the books by subject matter.


The library is available during the evening meeting. PHG members may check out three items at a time. Items are due back the next month.  


Our books and videos catalog is available to browse online. Click on Books in the PHG Library in the section below to open your portal to weaving fun.

Contact the librarian,Robin Korybski


Tips for Using Library Thing

    •    Use the smaller, lower seach box to stay in the guild library. The larger box will search the whole site.
    •    Click on authors to see a list of authors. You can then click on the name to find the list of books that we own written by that author.
    •    Click on tags to browse a section of the guild library. There are also a few secondary tags such as DVD, VHS, PHG study grants and swatches (those materials with actual swatches). The first tag listed indicates shelving section.
    •    Once you open a title record, you can use the quick links on the side bar to access Amazon and other sites to read reviews and find additional information.


    •    The widget shows the most recently added items first.
    •    If you would like to add a review for a book, feel free to email your review to Robin K. and it can be added to the record. Please use this option primarily for older books that do not have Amazon records.
    •    For self published authors, if your book does not have a cover picture send Robin a JPEG or a link to a JPEG and it can be added to the record.

PHG Library Periodicals
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