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Items For Sale

Norwood Loom

Excellent condition $400

43 inch, 6 shuttle. Lightly used. Cherry wood in great condition. Loom can be folded. No delivery included. Located in Lake Oswego area.

Email: Carolyn


AVL Modular Loom 

Excellent condition $1200.  40" weaving width, 8 harnesses, 10 harnesses, side tie-up.  10 dpi reed, sectional beam and tension box, single box fly shuttle.  Built-in bench.  Assembly and weaving manuals.
The price includes a few hours of assistance from an AVL expert from Ruthie's Weaving Studio in setting up this loom in your home (if you live in the Portland area).  This is a beautiful, very solid loom! Buyer is to pick-up. I can help with disassembly, or I can disassemble for you prior to pick-up. 08/02/18 

Email: Kathleen


Antique Spinning Wheel
Operational, but needs good cleaning. Probably designed as a flax wheel with a distaff.  Sits 38” high.  Wheel diameter is 22”.  NW Portland area.  $150.  email Cooki


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