Study Groups

PHG Day-Meeting Study Group

PHG holds a study group each month after the day meeting:

After the conclusion of the day meeting  12 - 2pm

This is an ongoing group that meets to discuss a variety of fiber art subjects. Please check the latest newsletter to see what the subject is this month.

And don't forget to bring your lunch!

Questions may be addressed to Liz – or Sylvia –





Indigo Dye and Fiber Works

This open space studio is an 'ongoing study group' where fiber artists can collaborate and learn together. You may work with any fiber or dye that interests you. Fiber artists can teach, learn from and mentor each other in any fiber art, though natural dyeing is a main focus.


Joel Weber is the founder of this great community. You can email for information:   or find him at a PHG meeting,


Check out their website:




Robin Frasier - Ikat vest