Portland Handweavers Guild Grant


Is there a craft or an aspect of your craft you would like to learn more about? Portland Handweavers Guild would like to give you money to do this!


The Portland Handweavers Guild encourages innovation, sharing, research and experimentation within the fields of weaving and spinning. In order to support members in their explorations, the guild offers an annual grant of  $600 to a member who has a strong desire to learn and submits a proposal explaining what subject they would like to research and how they plan to accomplish their goal. The needed information is outlined in the downloadable flier (see below).


Applications will be accepted for this year in the Spring. Applications are DUE April 30th, 2017. Be thinking about what you would like to learn about. The proposals will be evaluated by a juror outside of the guild membership and whose identity will be anonymous until the winner is announced at the annual June meeting. Note: the application takes a while to fill out, so give yourself plenty of time to complete it.


The proposals will be judged on the following criteria:

1)    Merit of the project

2)    Contribution of the proposal to the weavers’/spinners’ technical and esthetic development

3)    Commitment of the applicant

4)    Benefit to the guild


Download the Information Flier  for the application process.


The winner of the grant may choose to present a program to the guild following the conclusion of the project, or may choose to write a paper to be included in the guild library.


Winners have been represented among both the guild’s professional and amateur members. The following examples show the wide variety of topics chosen:


2015-2016 Sylvia Emard 10th International Shibori Symposium in Oaxaca, Mexico
2014-2015 Sharon Allworth Peruvian Textile tour


2013-14 Bev Phelps spoke about her trip to Finland to study the Ryijy (rya) rug weaving technique.


2010-11 Pam Patrie researched the method of construction and weaving of the older and collectible paisley shawls. She presented her findings to the guild for both a day and an evening meeting, and was encouraged by the juror to write an article for a professional magazine.


2009-10 Teresa Ruch studied the deflection and distortion in weaving by use of fiber properties and gave a full presentation to the guild at the September 2011 meeting


2008-2009 Sarah Auker explored the process of weaving baskets on the loom and organized a full day’s workshop at the Multnomah Art Center for anyone interested in learning the technique.

Anita Osterhaug also received a grant that year to study Norwegian billedvev at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa. 


Check with the guild librarian, Robin Korybski, to find other examples of successful grant applications or contact the grant coordinator Margaret Zeps



Scholarship Links


Various weaving organizations offer scholarships to weavers. PHG, is a member of a state group, Weaving Guilds of Oregon (WeGO); a regional group, Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds (ANWG); and a national group, Handweavers Guild of America (HGA). (These 3 groups are each separate entities.) These groups offer grants and scholarships off and on. The scholarships from ANWG and WeGO are offerred through PHG. PHG's representatives to those two groups let us know what is available. HGA lists their offerrings on their website.


Handweavers Guild of America      www.weavespindye.org


Association of NW Weavers Guilds   www.northwestweavers.org


Weaving Guilds of Oregon    www.wegoregon.org

Phoebe McAffee

PHG Retreat

Sylvia's Oaxaca trip